designer and producer of technical self adhesive labels and solutions for security and authentication

For all your needs of identification, stock management, improvement of your logistic, reducing your waste, tracability, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and counterfeiting.

  • Anti-theft labels
  • RFID labels
  • Planchettes and fluoforms
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Anti-theft labels

All our EAS labels are available at size, material or color of your choice, on paper or film.
According to your needs, 3 different technologies are at your disposal :

  • EM : electro-magnetic
  • RF : radio frequency
  • AM : acousto-magnetic

RFID labels

We offer RFID labels and tags, 100% controled on line (Voyantic system), dedicated for any support and usage (High Frequency HF and Ultra High Frequency UHF).

We can also take care of encoding labels, based on your datas.

Fluoforms and planchettes

Our planchettes and fluoforms are used in the security paper industry to produce special paper for authentication, security and official documents. Several form factor are available, reacting or not to different wave length. Our team can design on demand planchettes, mixing all existing security features.

Some examples of square fluoforms of 3,8mm :

  • Etivol-Opalex_fluoforms-square-3,8mm-world-cup-2018_security-paper

    Fluoforms for 2018 World Cup ticketing, reacting to UV.

  • Etivol-Opalex_fluoforms-square-3,8mm-translucent-paper

    Fluoforms with translucent paper, square shaped.

  • Etivol-Opalex_fluoforms-square-3,8mm-dolphin_authentification-paper

    Fluoforms with blue dolphin , printed on green layout, reacting to UV light.

  • Etivol-Opalex_fluoforms-red-microspheres-locker

    Fluoforms with locker, visible under UV light and containing microspheres (red) visible under a different wave length.

Some examples of fluoforms with flag form factor :

  • Etivol-Opalex_fluoforms-brazilian-flag_visible-under-UV

    Fluoforms with Brasilian flag, reacting to UV.

  • Etivol-Opalex_fluoforms-checkboard-flag_visible-under-UV

    Checkboard printing on flag shape, visible under UV light.

  • Etivol-Opalex_fluoforms-flag-Etivol_security-paper

    Fluoforms flag with Etivol's color (reacting to UV).

  • Etivol-Opalex_fluoforms-european-flag_authentification

    Fluoforms with European flag, visible under UV light.

Some examples of planchettes of 1,6mm diameter

  • Etivol-Opalex_planchettes-round-1,6mm-visible-yellow-green-blue-red_non-fluo

    Round planchettes with visible colors yellow, green, blue and red, non fluorescent.

  • Etivol-Opalex_planchettes-round-1,6mm-invisible

    Planchettes with invisible ink at natural light, sensitive to UV (green, yellow and blue colors).

  • Etivol-Opalex_planchettes-round-1,6mm-visible-yellow-red-blue_fluo

    Planchettes with visible colors under natural light (yellow, red and blue) and sensitive to UV.

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